Exquisite premium leather bags for professionals

A chic range of accessories & best leather bags online made of the world’s finest leather

We want to make real premium quality leather accessible to more New Zealanders.

We don’t sell the typical ‘genuine’ leather you see in the market. That’s the lowest class in the family of leather.

At Looope, we’ve scoured the globe in our search for premium quality full-grain leather to use in our range of luxury leather bags. Our cowhide leather comes from the top most layer of the skin, making it stronger, more durable and flexible than any other type of leather.

We believe we have the best leather bags, backpacks, overnight bags, purses and rucksacks in the market. You’ll notice the difference in the look, feel, and even smell of our leather.

Looope leather is timeless and only gets better with age, just like a fine New Zealand wine.


We care

You can be assured that the people crafting our leather bags are treated fairly. We have personally visited and chosen suppliers who share our values so that you can have confidence knowing your purchase was made by an adult who is paid a fair wage.

We are sustainable

All of our leather is a by-product of the meat industry, which means we are playing a part in the circular economy.Currently, 80 percent of our packaging materials are biodegradeable and recyclable, and we are working towards producing zero landfill waste.

We give back

Every year we donate 5 percent of our profits to New Zealand charities, including Homes of Hope and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

We value you

Every Looope order is shipped to you on us. That’s right, we want to pay your shipping costs as a small token of our appreciation.What’s more, as a customer you’ll receive Looope loyalty rewards to go towards your next purchase. We encourage our customers to give their feedback and respond to queries without delays.

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