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Who We Are

Have you ever been excited to buy a new electronic accessory just for it to break and stop working? This is a common problem found with many technological products available on the market and something that needs to change. Our aim is to bring a new variety of electronics to the New Zealand market at a price that people can afford. Whilst the country is developing, electronics are still sold at a price that the majority of individuals cannot afford, especially after we’ve paid all of our bills. We aim to supply a wide variety of electronics than can enhance your lifestyle, being both functional and affordable.

We have sourced a wide range of electronics and accessories specially designed for various purposes. These accessories can be used around your home or the office, as well as when driving and on the move for ease and convenience. We also provide a wide range of electronics uniquely designed for athletes. Not only that, we have premium bags that suit your active and stylish lifestyle.

All of our products are sourced from overseas companies, however unlike many other companies on the market, we physically visit each and every supplier that we use. This helps us to ensure that every product we sell is of the highest quality, being both practical and durable, after all, nobody wants their product to break after a week of buying them. We also check for ethical production lines, ensuring that the products are made sustainably by workers who are paid and treated well. This helps to limit any damage done to the environment both during production and once the products have been distributed.

Alongside outstanding customer service, you will find the products you need with us.

Message from the Director

“Looope is a New Zealand owned company and we strive to ensure that you no longer need to worry about the uncertainties of buying from an overseas online store – Would it look exactly like how it is online? How’s the quality? Will it make it here on time? Or maybe you just wish the customer service was better?

Here at Looope, we provide you only quality and affordable products, and we do our best to deliver and service your needs. We want to ensure that you always feel happy and amazing with your experience us. We also encourage any feedback and are very excited to hear from you! Feel free to drop us a line.

Welcome to Looope and enjoy your shopping & savings!”


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