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Our Story

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Kia ora, fellow lover of luxury leather

We founded Looope to give Kiwis access to high-quality leather bags without the designer price tags.

It was the jaw dropping price of designer leather bags that first piqued our interest in real leather. Our curiosity led us into some deep research of the leather market, which revealed that all leather is not created equal.

We were surprised to learn that most expensive luxury bags are often not made of the best type of leather at all but the most common, lowest quality ‘Genuine Leather’.

Further research then revealed the incredible features of real leather. ‘Top grain’ or ‘full grain’ leather is the best there is. Made from the top most layer of the skin, not only is it rich in history, but feels beautiful and is incredibly durable.

Through Looope, we strive to make real premium-quality leather products for men and women openly available and more affordable than many luxury bags in the market.

We believe you’ll love our products as much as we do.

Dave and Ana