Our Story – Looope Ltd.

Our Story

Responsive imageI have always dreamt of having a successful business venture and grow it to a global scale but was never sure how I would do it until I met my wife, who has always dreamt of being significant, making a difference also on a global scale. Together, with our big goals intertwined, we went on a search to figure out how we wanted to do this until we came
through top grain leather handbags.We are overjoyed to fulfill our dreams through Looope and make every Kiwi proud of it. Quality is our priority and we don’t compromise. We believe in word of mouth marketing, hence we ensure that each customer receives the best product and customer service experience.


Delivering first class fashion to Kiwis through luxurious leather goods.


  • We aim to be ZERO landfill waste by 2030.
  • Start our own line of products produced locally.
  • Create more significance in the community by supporting more NZ charities.
  • Constantly introduce new designs and trends to keep Kiwis on top of the game.